Stamped Visa | Embajada de Panamá - Reino de los Paises Bajos

Stamped Visa


The following countries need to apply for a Stamped Visa

- Cameroon
- Cuba
- Philippines
- Ghana
- Malawi
- Central African Republic
- Democratic Republic of Congo
- Dominican Republic
- Swaziland
- Togo
- Zimbabwe
- Venezuela
- People's Republic of China


1. Completed visa form (Solicitud de visa turista estampada o consular)
2. Valid passport.  Passport must have a minimum validity of 3 months when entering Panama
3. Valid identity card
4. Three passport photos
5. Letter of employment
6. Proof of financial means, which can be demonstrated with:
a. Travellers checks
b. Bank statements of last 3 months
c. Credit card statement of last 3 months
d. Salary slips of the latest 3 months
e. Income tax declaration of the previous year
f. If sponsored, warranty letter issued by the sponsor, including the following support documentation:
i. If the sponsor is a natural person:
1. Letter of employment
2. Salary slips
3. Bank statements
4. Proof of home address (invoice for services such as water or electricity)
ii. If the sponsor is a company/institution
1. Copy of the registration at the Chamber of Commerce, authenticated by means of the Apostille Stamp
7. Travel itinerary
8. Hotel reservation (if applicable)


1. To apply for a consular visa, please submit per email and per post a clear copy of all documents required. Add a copy of all the pages of the passport.

[email protected]

Embassy of Panama
Amaliastraat 3
2514 JC, The Hague

2. Once the documents have been received and revised, the Consulate will inform you accordingly and request you to proceed to make the fee payment.  (Do not paid before receiving our request)

The visa application fee amounts US$ 60.00 (approximately Euro 57.00)

Please note: The file the application and make effective the payment of the visa fee does not guarantee its issuance.

The visa application fee should be paid per bank transference at the following bank account:

IBAN: NL97ABNA0540720658


3. If the visa is approved, we will make an appointment for you to come to our office and present the original documentation to check against the copies we have.  If everything is in order, we will stamp the visa.
4. When arriving to Panama you will be requested to show your passport with the stamped visa and US$ 500.00 in cash or a bank /credit card statement that shows a minimum balance of US$500.00